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If you are experiencing covid-19 symptoms and/or you were diagnosed with covid-19, and would like to be treated with homeopathy, please contact me via email:

Homeopathy has been very helpful with covid-19 patients all over the world. 

How does it work?

Consultation is done via the phone or on Zoom. We set up a time to talk and after consultation you get a recommendation for a remedy. We continue to communicate and we will follow up with other covid-19 remedies depending on your condition. Please make sure you read
Terms of service before contacting. 

Some covid-19 patient testimonials:

Miri worked with me tirelessly to find remedies that worked when I was sick. She provided a preventative remedy for my family members as well. I am confident that the mildness of my virus was in large part due to the variety of remedies she provided that were tailored to my specific symptoms and tweaked if things did not change to her satisfaction. For nearly three weeks, Miri checked in with me daily to see how I was, full of questions about what was new, what was unchanged, where I was on a scale of 1 to 10. Her treatment was extremely thorough and I am so grateful. The strength of homeopathy, to my mind, is in the enormous range of remedies for every kind of symptom with such specific details that the remedies hits the target. I know I am not the only satisfied COVID-19 client Miri has. She is an excellent homeopath: expert, empathetic, determined, and precise. I highly recommend her.

I just wanted you to know that I had a fever free day and I am feeling so much better. Thank you SO much for your kindness and your help. 

Hi Miri,

I feel good! The best I've felt since I started being sick. I don't feel foggy and I don't have a headache right now. No tightness in chest and no problem breathing or anything. And I have normal temp which I didn't have for 40 days.

Miri is very a knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner. She is compassionate and really listens. She asks detailed questions to get a good read on her clients specific situation and needs. She also does follow-up in case adjustments are necessary. If you are looking for a homeopathic practitioner, I highly recommend Miri.

If you got one of the Covid vaccines and experiencing side effects or worried about symptoms you are experiencing we can also help . 


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